Tax considerations when investing

Investors are offered two types of investment opportunities through the Simple Crowdfunding platform. These are:
  • Loan Based Investments – showing a ‘P2P Loan’ badge 
  • Equity Based Investments – showing an ‘EQUITY’ badge 
All live projects can be found here: Simple Crowdfunding Investment Page

While income and/or profits from both investment types are potentially taxable, the tax considerations for each type are different and are dealt with separately. To find further information about the tax implications when investing, please go to our Tax Page.

Interest or capital gain earned from any loan or equity investment is treated as investment income by HM Revenue & Customs. The return you receive on your investment is paid gross; no tax is deducted “at source”.

Investors are responsible for the payment of any tax due of them to HMRC.  Tax will be payable at your marginal rate.

Simple Crowdfunding does not provide tax advice and the statements here are simply guidelines for ordinary UK private investors. If you have any questions about your tax situation, you should contact your tax adviser or local tax office.

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