Raising Property Finance With Simple Crowdfunding

Raise Equity & Loan Property Finance

We are proud to have raised equity and debt finance for many types of property projects including land uplift, title splits, commercial to residential and multi-home new builds. Whatever your project, our property team can take a look and help.

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Property Finance Made Simple
  • Finance available: equity and debt
  • ISA and SSAS friendly - subject to terms
  • All UK property project types considered
  • Fees are simple and transparent
  • Our platform fee is linked to fundraise success
  • A simple approach to raising finance
  • Ability to market your project & opportunity
Benefits Fundraisers Enjoy
  • Access large investor community
  • A supportive team throughout
  • FCA authorised platform
  • Simplification of paperwork
  • Flexibility
  • Build a community who love what you do
  • Extend your brand and investor reach

The Fundraiser Journey

There are three simple steps to the fundraiser journey.

The first is to package your project so that investors have the right information to decide whether to back your project. The second is promotion so that we can provide the best opportunity of success. The final stage is the automated close so that we can release the funds to you as soon as possible.

What Our Fundraisers Say...