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How much can I invest?Do you charge Investor fees?Am I able to invest if I live outside of the UK?Investment Risk - Can I lose some or all of my money when investing?If I need my funds, will I be able to get my money out whenever I want?Are levels of returns guaranteed?What is considered to be a sensible investing strategy?Are my investments protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) or the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)?Investment Risk - What happens if there is a problem?P2P fundraisers - SecurityWhat happens when I invest into a P2P investment?Statement About Simple CrowdfundingIFISA Statement - Tax Benefits and IFISA Investment RiskWhat happens to the value of my shares if the company issues new shares (Dilution)?What is Simple Crowdfunding's involvement after the fundraise?When does my investment start?What factors do you consider when deciding whether or not to list a P2P loan?Review undertaken by Simple Crowdfunding In respect of P2P loansWho sets the price of the P2P loan?Late payment or default of a P2P loanSecondary Market for P2PCan I invest through my company?Can I, my company or trust invest more than once?Will people be able to see if I have invested?Can I share information about the project, raise or investment with others?Who do I transfer funds to?Can I cancel my investment?What happens if the target amount is not reached?What happens if things go wrong?What are the risks associated with investing?Tax considerations when investingFundraiser and Simple Crowdfunding ResponsibilitiesDoes Simple Crowdfunding deduct tax on behalf of its investors?How do I calculate my tax liability?What happens to my investments if I die?


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