What factors do you consider when deciding whether or not to list a P2P loan?

 As a duty of care to protect our investors, we ensure that all projects comply with FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulations.    We also carefully assess every project against a range of factors that are categorised as follows:

  • Finance factors, considering factors such as Profit on Cost, Loan to GDV and Loan to Value.
  • Business and Management factors, considering items such as age of business and experience of management team
  • Track record – such as number of schemes delivered and GDV delivered.

The results then determine the Credit Rating Score Band for each loan listed.  The bandings are as follows:

Understanding Default Rates:

A 1% probability of default means that 1 in 100 loans are expected to default.  A 3% probability of default means that 3 in 100 loans are expected to default.

Whilst all reviews are thorough, investors must always do their own due diligence and address any outstanding questions before investing.    

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