Invest In Property, Learning Along The Way

Property Investment Opportunities

As an investor, you have the opportunity to choose between both loan and equity property investment opportunities under one roof. 
Peer to peer loans offer a fixed return for a fixed period of time. With equity, you buy shares in the company or the special purpose vehicle (SPV) raising finance. 

If you like the idea of tax-free returns, you can set up a Simple Crowdfunding Innovative Finance ISA and invest in peer to peer lending opportunities.  You can also open a Trust / Pension Scheme account and invest your SSAS into property projects through this platform.  In both cases, you decide which projects are right for you. 
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Below are just some of the investment opportunities that are open for funding, coming soon, funded or paid back.  To discover more about the investment opportunity, the developer and to join the investment conversation, click on each opportunity below. 

Investment opportunities with a grey border are loan investments and those with a copper border are equity investments.  
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