What are the fees for raising funds?

Simple Crowdfunding's fee structure is as follows (updated February 2024):

  • Application Fee:  £2,600 (exc. VAT) payable once we progress past the viability stage.  This fee is non-refundable.
  • Platform Fee:  6% (exc. VAT) success fee that becomes due when you reach the minimum raise amount.  This fee will be deducted from the funds that are transferred to you. 
  • Other: Legal fees including the placement and removal of security, ongoing processing costs (including finance)
  • (Survey Fees - as required)
  • Management Fee:  For our debt products, we charge a 1.5% management fee that is payable annually on the anniversary of of the funds release date.  

  Where we are obliged to take action in order to protect investors’ interests as a result of a fundraiser’s default or delinquency, we will recharge the fundraiser for any necessary disbursements and our reasonable time costs.

Our fee structure means that the majority of our fee becomes due when your raise is successful.  This allows us to win together.

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