What information is provided in my portfolio dashboard about my investments?

Core information is provided for each investment that you make through the platform.  A summary of this is detailed below:

Amount – The amount invested in the opportunity.
For example, £10,000

Start Date – The date all paperwork is completed and the funds are released to the fundraiser.
For example, 14th May 2018

Term – This is the projected investment term as set out in the investment document.
For example, 16 months

Projected Return – Returns are shown before any adjustment in tax (to the investor).  Peer to peer loan returns are shown as an annual % rate.  Equity returns are shown as a total return over the investment period.

For example, 25

Investment Status – Shows the status of the processing of the investment.  It does not refer to the progression or status of the project.

For example, Success

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