What is the Fundraise process?

We have a simple three-stage fundraise process, whether you are raising equity or loan finance:

Getting your project offer ready - It is important that you get all your project, company and individual information together.  Not all of this information will  be visible to the public, as some of it is required for our compliance process.  Once this happens, the project goes through an internal assessment and project review to get the project ready for launch.  Once approved, we will then open this project up for investment on the platform.

Promotion - This is a joint effort and we run through this as part of the information gathering process.  Questions will be asked throughout the raise and we work together to get these questions answered.

Structured Closing Process - Once fully pledged, we will transfer funds to your business once the paperwork is completed.  We have an automated process to manage paperwork such as the shareholder or loan agreement.

Once the funds are released to you, you will be able to continue engagement with your Investors through the the project 'Forum' on our platform.  This Forum is then only available to investors in the project. 

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