What is Simple Crowdfunding's involvement after the fundraise?

Simple Crowdfunding's involvement varies depending upon whether it is a securities (equities or bonds) or a peer to peer lending investment opportunity. 

Peer to Peer Lending (P2P):

Simple Crowdfunding arranges the loan between the investor and the fundraiser.  We are responsible for ensuring the documentation is completed, administering the loan and for managing any repayments made by the fundraiser.


Once the project funds have been raised, the company raising the funds (fundraiser) is responsible for delivering that project.  They are responsible for providing updates as agreed and seeing the project to conclusion.   Where possible, Simple Crowdfunding will normally also act as a conduit for any amount payable by the fundraiser, such as dividends, interest, bond repayments and share sales.

In both cases, where possible, Simple Crowdfunding provides the platform for communication through the private project forums that investors have access to.   They will also add any updates received from the fundraiser to the 'Updates' tab of the project.

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