What happens if things go wrong?

We believe that fundraisers have the best intentions and will treat investors fairly and without prejudice.


In the event that things don't go to plan it is important that you understand your position. Company Law gives minority shareholders rights and protects them against unfair prejudice from unscrupulous behaviour. You may get full voting and pre-emption rights depending on the investment giving you even greater protection.  Details are project specific and the shareholder paperwork will be provided prior to project close.  Please read this information carefully.

Peer to Peer Loans:

The project will state what security is available, In the event that things don't go to plan, we will work with the fundraiser to resolve the issues and to recover the funds.   
Whilst your P2P loan is between you and the fundraiser, Simple Crowdfunding plays a key administrative role.  Simple Crowdfunding will seek recovery of your investment where there is a realistic chance of recovery after allowing for any costs.

A good understanding of each project is important which is why we aim to ensure that the information provided is 'fair, clear and not misleading' . Your research and judgement is vital when you make an investment decision.

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