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Venture, Wildlife Site Planning Gain Opportunity

The Wildlife, Birchwood Avenue, Lincoln, LN6 0JB

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Project Summary – Planning gain

Share Price - £100
Raise Amount - £10,000 to £35,000
Number of Shares Issued – 100 to 350
Projected Return on Investment – 50%*
Expected Completion timescale – 6 to 8 months

*This is a high risk, potential high return project. If initial planning is not obtained, we will return to the Local Planning Authority considering their reasons for refusal. We shall also look to appeal the decision should we believe it prudent to do so, at no cost to investors. If overall planning is not granted after appeal, the option on the site will not be exercised and investors will lose their whole investment.


This project involves acquiring a plot of land on a single freehold basis, with the aim of achieving planning for a mixed use of 9 commercial units and 24 residential flats. The site is legally secured with an option agreement and initial discussions with the planning department have been meet with positive feedback.

We have a network of agents who will be working on agreement to lease on these commercial units before we build the building out.

By obtaining this planning we shall be increasing the land value of the site considerably, we will intend to build the site out after this initial planning gain. We might look to have another raise for the next stage of development

The e
xit for investors will be development finance for the build phase. Funds raised will pay for the planning application and the raise is underwritten by the company. The minimum raise is £10,000 Venture will fund any remaining funds.


Venture Properties are National Property Award Winners and have been promoted for their George & Dragon development.


Kim (right) owns over 80 properties and has 17 years of property experience across a mix of residential, commercial and development projects. Kim has been a lead investor in multiple projects.


Ryan (left) has over 5 years of property experience, including sourcing deals for investors, commercial development residential  development, Ryan has also been a lead investor in multiple projects and has 11 years of business experience, owning and managing the several businesses. 

The Wildlife, Birchwood Avenue, Lincoln, LN6 0JB