Property Crowdfunding for Doctors

Posted on 03 June 2020

Property Crowdfunding for Doctors. A Simple Investor Special 😉

Crowdfunding & Peer to Peer Lending.  Planning for Good Financial Health.

Property crowdfunding and peer to peer lending has been GF (Growing Fabulously) over the last few years and has opened up AHF (Alternative Homebuilders Finance) to property developers and professionals.   

As a result, the opportunity to invest and manage property portfolios online in-between ward rounds, helping people recover from their medical challenges and generally ‘being there’ and keeping us all in good health has never been greater.  Here are a few reasons why you should consider Property Crowdfunding or provide ASL (A Secured Loan) through peer to peer lending:

1. Diversify Your Risk  
Through crowdfunding and peer to peer lending, you can diversify your risk through small investments across multiple projects as DNN (Diversification Never Naps).  The beauty of crowdfunding is that it offers a more affordable entry price to investing and also provides you with an array of projects and developers to tap into.   For example, if you have £10,000 to invest, you can select 10 projects and invest £1,000 in each, BVA (Broad Variance Achieved) and therefore diversifying your risk.

2. Make Your Own Investment Decisions 
Take control of your investment decisions and manage your own portfolio online. The Simple Crowdfunding platform is secure and private and it allows you to choose investments with ease.  Once you are logged in, you will be able to see much more project detail, such as the investment summary, the team behind the project, details of past project and experience, detailed business plans and financials, aerial and/or google map location information, floorplans, etc.   All the information you need to help you start your due diligence before you decide to participate in CAH (Crowdfunding A House) or not.   Once invested, you can follow progress of your investment through your portfolio.  All we ask is that you NFN (Never Forget Name), or at least your email address!  

3. Invest Tax-Free   
Invest using your pension and/or your ISA allowance, to obtain tax-free returns. What many investors do not realize is that it is possible to invest using your SSAS (Small Self-Administered Pension Scheme) or through the IF ISA (Innovative Finance ISA) into some of our property projects.  This may provide an alternative way to EMS (Earn More Simply).

4. Become Part of a Growing Property Community 
Through crowdfunding you will become part of a like-minded community, where you learn about property and investing - LOL (Learn Out Loud).  When a new project is launched, investors ask questions to the developer via the crowdfunding platform, or during webinars or (sometimes) site visits.   The question and answers create a CKS (Crowdfunding Knowledge Share) that you become part of.   

5. Learn Whilst Investing  
Learn about projects as they progress.  Some of our projects offer a “Learn whilst investing” element. This means that the developer will share his/her knowledge during the project progression, FLK (Fully Leveraging Knowledge).   Many investors are keen to learn about property projects including developments and planning gains – you choose what is right for you.    The beauty of this program is that you learn on live projects rather than through the sharing of theoretical knowledge.  The developer will organize webinars to explain progress, share processes and challenges and answer investor questions, TSTL (Too Simple To Learn).  Some developers arrange site visits where they freely share their experience and knowledge on-site.  One of our favourite learn whilst investing projects is the Station Road project, also known as the ‘Doctors’ project that is shortly coming to conclusion.

If the above has left you with a tingle to look into property crowdfunding and it's GP (Growth Potential), then join the growing online property investing community to find out more.

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Simple Crowdfunding is a property crowdfunding platform that offers both peer to peer lending and equity opportunities. We help property developers deliver more homes in the UK and strive to make property investments accessible to everyone, democratising the property market. Some of our opportunities are IF ISA (innovative Finance ISA) and pension friendly.

So far, the community has raised over £8.73m in funding for projects, ranging from BMW (Below Market Warehouses) to UBI (Ugly Building Investing) to residential conversions. 

Since starting the platform, we have built up vast experience and insight in this constantly evolving marketplace, which we freely share with our community members. Flexibility, transparency and integrity are key to everything we do.