The Importance Of Switching Off

Posted on 13 October 2022

The Importance of Switching Off

In this blog, Atuksha Poonwassie, our co-founder and MD shares her thoughts about business and one of her passions - flying.  This is what she had to say.

I have been a fixed-wing private pilot for over 12 years now.  Flying is one of my go-to places where I am able to switch off from the everyday challenges of work and allow me to get back to neutral. 

I can safely say that it is impossible to think about work whilst flying and in particular, when engaged in aerobatics with former Red Arrows pilots 😊.  THIS VIDEO was taken when I did my first aerobatic flight.

So Why Flying?

I have always had an interest in the skies. I wanted to be an air hostess when I was young and vertical challenges (being short) restricted this. The next best thing? Become a pilot. 

I have noticed a number of similarities between our business and flying a plane. Which is probably why I am well suited to both…

  1. Crowdfunding and peer to peer lending (P2PL) is heavily regulated. So is flying. You cant just wonder into controlled airspace for example without consequences. 
  2. There is a considerable amount to learn and accomplish before you can operate. You need to understand the nuances of regulated fundraising in order to stay compliant. 
  3. There are constant enhancements. Before every flight, you need to plan your route, check new (and temporary) restrictions in place and more. Financial regulation, especially in the crowdfunding and P2PL space is constantly evolving.
  4. Both (especially aerobatic flying) comes with calculated risk.  Understanding risk is incredibly important.
  5. Both require full commitment and focus. 
  6. There is a LOT that goes on in the background that is not visible to everyone. For example, during the loop the loop in this video, what you don’t see is that there are three other planes, all flying in perfect formation with ours. The proximity of all planes was unreal. Precision flying is an understatement!
  7. I am constantly juggling many things (for flying, radio, navigation, controls, lookouts etc) in one go. Running a crowdfunding and P2PL business is the same.
  8. And finally, both are so much fun.

My final thought: I love being up in the skies and I encourage everyone who has the opportunity, experience a flight in a little plane (especially at night). 

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