Community Helping Community

Posted on 22 April 2020

Community Helping Community - Feeding Those In Need

Simple Crowdfunding is providing logistics and messaging support to the Go Dharmic Emergency Coronavirus Appeal that is currently distributing over a 1,000 meals per day to the elderly, healthcare workers and vulnerable groups.  This support is available to everyone, crossing ethnic, geographical, religious and political boundaries.  Other supporters include M&S, Penn Telecom, Signia and Recommend Asian.

“We are really pleased to be supporting this initiative.  This is an opportunity for the crowd to come together to make a positive difference to thousands of people.  It is easy to see what community supporting community through crowdfunding can achieve; in some instances, far exceeding everyone’s expectations.” - Atuksha, Co-Founder, Simple Crowdfunding

Go Dharmic, a charity set up in 2011 is run by volunteers.  All donations received go directly into campaigns.  Atuksha spoke to the founder Hemal Randerwala about the charity, his key drivers and in particular, their current focus on helping those in need during this pandemic.  

“Go Dharmic is a platform for compassion.  We are helping people to come together to reduce suffering wherever it is.  We run multiple social action campaigns, one of our urgent ones being the Coronavirus Appeal.” - Hemal, Founder, Go Dharmic

The Go Dharmic Coronavirus Appeal was launched on the 26th March 2020 and at the time of writing, has distributed over 28,000 meals throughout the UK and provided PPE equipment to those in need.  Some of the meals distributed are also being provided to the homeless who are currently being housed in temporary make-shift commercial unit accommodation, hotels or serviced accommodation.

Need Support?  A telephone line is available for those who need support from volunteers. Go Dharmic are working closely with several volunteer and charitable organisations to make this a collaborative and effective effort to ensure the biggest positive impact possible.  If you need support, call 0207 112 8853.

Make A Donation Any donations are gratefully received.  You can Make a Donation Here.

Become A Volunteer.  Do you have some spare time that you can dedicate to this worthwhile cause?  If so, please let us know.  The bigger the volunteer community, the more people we can reach.  Find out more about Becoming a Volunteer.

Community helping community is getting stronger each day this pandemic continues.  During this new (temporary) reality, selfless acts of kindness are shining through. 

We truly appreciate any support you can provide.   S
tay safe and thank you!