Property Education Is Advancing - Are You?

Posted on 20 January 2020

What if you can ‘Learn Whilst Investing’?

Simply put, people love property and anything to do with it – from education, design, development and more.   It is no wonder that so many people learn about ‘property strategies’ from Serviced Accommodation (SA) to Commercial to Residential conversions and New Builds in order to include property to their investment portfolios for long-term growth and security. 

The challenge is that traditional property courses are often very theoretical, learning from past project experience of the experts in the room.  Courses can be pricey and then as an individual, regardless of whether you are new to property or looking to ramp up your property involvement to the next level, doing projects on your own can be unachievable due to cost or experience and knowledge.  

So, what’s the alternative?  People who are new to property often then look for Joint Venture partners (often without understanding the financial regulatory implications) which could further expose them to risk.  Unfortunately, this information is not readily available in the market.

The founders of Simple Crowdfunding recognised this as a potential challenge 4 years ago and launched a ‘Learn Whilst Investing’ program where investors and developers (working on live projects) could interact and grow together.  This program has been a huge success and is growing in popularity in the marketplace with others also providing a version – such as ‘invest and digest’, learn and earn, loan and learn, lend and gain and other flavours.  The difference is that the Simple Crowdfunding program has 4 years of knowledge and expertise behind it which we share with community members, whether you are raising funds or investing.  We have insight into what works and what doesn’t. 

The original Simple Crowdfunding ‘Learn Whilst Investing’ program offers investors the opportunity to learn about property development as part of their participation in Equity Crowdfunding or Peer to Peer Lending through our platform.  The property developer / fundraiser will take investors on a property journey throughout the whole project lifetime.  This can be anything from applying for planning gain, through to a simple refurbishment, residential conversion to apartments or HMO’s, commercial to residential conversion or a new build, from small to large scale developments on single or multiple units.   

And the beauty of it?  You can get involved in a planning gain, commercial to residential and a new build at the same time with a small investment into each project.  Learn three different strategies at the same time, learning on live projects that reflect the current market conditions.  Being an investor in these projects, as long as the projects go to plan, you should also see a return on your funds.  At the same time, property developers build rapport with their investors, extend their brand presence and have investors keen to invest into their next crowdfunding project too.  WIN WIN.

Training can take the form of webinars, training days or site visits and regular email updates. Investors will get insight and learn about aspects such as planning, architectural drawings, build from foundations up, insulation, electrics, plumbing, different build materials and structures, heating systems, interior design and finishes, landscaping, sales processes and so much more.  Components are tailored to the project that is underway.  

A lot of build projects meet unexpected challenges and investors will learn how the developer resolves these.  Site visits are especially very popular, as investors get a better feel of the project and the developer will be on hand to explain how they achieved the current status, any problems they encountered, what’s next and answer any questions the investors may have.  

Having spoken to many Simple Crowdfunding community investors, they favour this approach.  It allows them to invest in areas that interest them, learning along the way.  It also allows them to invest smaller amounts into multiple equity and peer to peer loan projects, to better spread their risk.

The opportunity is immense.  Are you ready to start learning differently and simply?  Find out more.   
Join the growing online property investing community who are learning along the way:  Simple Crowdfunding

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Simple Crowdfunding is a property crowdfunding platform that offers both peer to peer lending and equity opportunities.  We help property developers deliver more homes in the UK and strive to make property investments accessible to everyone, democratising the property market.   Some of our opportunities are IF ISA (innovative Finance ISA) and pension friendly.

So far, the community has raised over £8.73m in funding for projects, ranging from planning gain opportunities to large London commercial to residential conversions.

Since starting the platform, we have built up vast experience and insight in this constantly evolving marketplace, which we freely share with our community members.  Flexibility, transparency and integrity are key to everything we do.