Am I able to invest if I live outside of the UK?

Simple Crowdfunding is currently open to take investments from individuals and companies within the EU (See note 1).  Following the UK’s departure from the EU we will consider potential EU investors on the same basis as other non-UK investors.  We do not expect the departure from the EU to affect existing investments.  

Simple Crowdfunding was setup to assist UK investors who wish to invest in UK property.  Applications from non-UK residents will be considered at our sole discretion, but as a minimum you must be able to provide us with suitable documentation for us to meet our obligations in respect of investor identification, anti-money laundering and, where required under UK law, tax reporting. Typically, this will include a certified copy of your passport, evidence of your current residence and your Tax Identification Number (TIN) if available.

If you are based outside of the UK, it is your responsibly to:

  • ensure there are no restrictions on your investing through our platform, and
  • report any income or profits to your local tax authorities  

Note 1: 
Including the Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Isle of man, San-Marino, Monaco, Andorra & Vatican City

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